Glenn A. Brown - Piano Rebuilding
Services Offered - Pinblock Installation
  • Each pinblock is custom shaped and hand-fitted to the plate flange, so that it can hold the approximately 40,000 lbs. of tension which the fully strung piano will place upon it.
  • All drilling of the tuning pin holes is done by precision drill press using custom-made fast spiral drill bits.
  • We mortise the pinblock into the case on Steinway and Mason-Hamlin pianos per original design to achieve maximum tuning stability and sound resonation.
  • In regard to the most critical element of keeping the tuning pins in place and holding the piano in tune, we choose to use a pinblock stock which features twenty-one (21) laminations of German Beech wood.
  • Although occasionally we install oversized tuning pins when the piano isn't holding a tuning (usually on newer pianos), our first preference is to install a new pinblock to insure that the piano will continue to maintain tuning stability over the period of the next 10 to 15 years.